Fortnite Weapons Guide

Fortnite gameplay

While playing one of the best video games of this time i.e. Fortnite. You can experience unique gaming aspects with different kinds of features. One of the USP of this game is the weapons allotted in the gameplay.

If you are a weapon enthusiast and find it interesting, then this game is the ideal one for you. Here we are providing brief guide n weapons for the rookies and the pro players that make you aware of a different set of weapons.

Types of weapon

This game constitutes of different weapons that can be divided based on their uses. These weapons can be bought with v-Bucks, you can visit Edinburgh Interactive and get some for free!

Some of them are as follows:


These re one of the conventional weapons of this game. The player can prefer this weapon for short-range combat. This game consists of five types of pistols as per their specifications. As you will get upgrades the guns get upgraded also in terms calibers and range.

Pump shotgun

These are the best weapons in the case of short-range combat. If you are getting ambushed or in close-range combat, then this can help you effectively.

Tactical shotgun

If you want to use a weapon that can be very effective to shoot long-range enemies and also to the short-range one. If you want optimal damage, then this can be your ideal weapon.

Assault rifles

These are the core weapons that are capable of providing ultimate kills. These are the most important weapons for a player in this game.

Burst assault rifles

The functions of these rifles are as same as the assault rifles, in addition to that, they provide continuous shooting that helps to kill numerous enemies.

Apart from these weapons, there are different artillery such as bombs, grenades, rocket launchers are also available. You can use it as per your need and desire in the game.